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Knowing your end users is the key to success of your product or service, At HFR+D, we help you understand your user’s and gain insights.

Great User Experiences are crafted when you know what your users expect. Human Factors Research and Design provides research services that are flawlessly planned and executed keeping you focused on the research goal while we take care of all the complexities of the research operations.

Feasibility & validity studies

Participatory research

consumer behaviour studies

International and emerging market research

In-home & In-store study

Focus Groups

Observational study

Contextual innovation studies

Ethnography studies

Trend analysis

Shop-in-Experience (shop along visits, shadow shopper and mystery shopping)

Comparative / Preference Research


Great designs are simple, At Human Factors Research & Design studio we create simple interactions and easy to use solutions.

Human Factors Research and Design’s Multi-disciplinary User experience design (UX design) services touch everything, from hard core technology to soft social skills. We meticulously mould an idea or a concept from a sketch to a tangible product, service or solution. Our services include;

Interaction Design

Design Audit & Review

Design strategy, directions and execution

Content design, creation, management & support

Application design

International & Emerging Market Product design support.

Rapid & High fidelity prototyping

GUI & User Centred Design (UCD) services

Contextual Design Services

Product Designing and Prototyping

Creative Graphic Design

Interactive Prototypes

Visual design

Scenario based interface development

Standards based design

Usability & UCD Implementation services

Documentation and Help systems

Testing with end users at every phase is the key to success.  At HFR+D Lab, we help our customers to understand users need for their products/service.

Human Factors Research and Design, have been supporting customers over the decade to test their ideas, concepts, prototypes or ready to ship products with end users. We offer complete testing services from defining personas to designing the study protocols and execution of the study. The users are tested in our own Lab based in Bangalore or in customer own location via our mobile lab. We offer a complete user testing solutions of which some are as given below:

Usability Tests & Studies (software, hardware and devices)

Concept and Product testing

Product studies (Acceptance & idea evaluation)

Product Analysis, Reviews, Assessment & Reporting Services.

Heuristic Evaluations & UI Testing

Remote Usability Services

Out of Box Experience (OOBE) studies

Mobile International & Emerging Research/ Studies using fixed/Mobile labs

Human Factors Research and Design Partners with Luma Institute Pittsburgh. To provide “Innovation through Human-Centered Design” training for corporates in India.

Strategic Services

We offer a scalable approach that helps leading organizations create a culture of innovation and deliver measurable results.

  • Innovation Program Design

    Transform your entire enterprise with an innovation program
    that addresses your unique needs.

  • Content Licensing

    Implement the LUMA System on a large scale with our
    customized content licensing options.

  • Innovation Dashboard

    Determine the measurable impact of your innovation efforts
    using this powerful digital tool.

  • Thought Leadership

    Leverage our thought leadership to your advantage, as you seek to influence
    peers and colleagues on the topic of innovation.

Learning Experiences

We offer training and development pathways to help you, your team, or your entire organization accelerate innovation through Human-Centered Design.

  • Public Workshops

    Gain exposure to the LUMA System of Innovation and rub shoulders with a
    diverse group of participants in these hands-on learning experiences.

  • Private Workshops

    Equip your team to accelerate innovation in an on-site, private workshop setting.
    Start with an introductory experience or delve deeply into advanced topics.

  • e-Learning

    Augment your in-person training with our e-Learning options, perfect for  self-motivated distance learning at your convenience.
  • Coaching & Facilitation

    Use our expertise to your advantage. We offer remote and on-site coaching  to help you apply the LUMA System in your everyday work.


At HFR+D Design studio, we deliver enhanced product experiences.

We can help your ideas come to life! With development experiences across industries, technologies including IOT (Internet of things), IIOT ( Industries Internet of things). Our development experiences include web, smart phone devices with expert hands in traditional & modern technologies.

Responsive Web

Web apps

Mobile apps - iOS, Android, Windows

Hybrid app

IOT (Internet of things)

IIOT (Industrial Internet of things)

Cloud Experiences


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