We help build joyful experiences

for industries with human intervention.

We are Human Factors Research & Design

We are one of the finest Design Studios with a highly talented team specializing in helping create delightfully habit-forming products and solutions.

Solutions which are a harmonious interplay of interaction and function, pleasure and reason with joy of use for its users across a gamut of industries, governments and startups.

Our Team's Vision

With over 14 years of experience HFR&D is a truly global organization operating across the globe.

Sabina N B

Founder & Director

Strategic leader and HCD-UX specialist having played various roles as head of multi-millions turnkey global projects across industries, technology, domains and a wide business environments.

Vivian Gomes

Founder & Chief Design Officer

Vivian is a hands-on, Human-Centered Design leader. Vivian believes that insights at the intersection of human needs, technology and business helps create highly effective and innovative products and solutions.

Creating unique experiences for every industry

Everyday, HFR&D team is creating a marvel for its customers somewhere in the world.

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