We help build joyful experiences

for industries with human intervention.

We are Human Factors Research & Design

We are one of the finest Design Studios with a highly talented team specializing in helping create delightfully habit-forming products and solutions.

Solutions which are a harmonious interplay of interaction and function, pleasure and reason with joy of use for its users across a gamut of industries, governments and startups.

Our Team's Vision

With over 14 years of experience HFR&D is a truly global organization operating across the globe.

Sabina N B

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sabina is a Experience strategy leader. She brings a wealth of data driven decision making for organizational success.

Vivian Gomes

Chief Design Officer

Vivian is a hands-on, Human-Centered Design leader. His focus is on making technology more human-centered

Creating unique experiences for every industry

Everyday, HFR&D team is creating a marvel for its customers somewhere in the world.

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Increasing Strategic Intelligence

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