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Providing Human centered solutions while creating joyful experiences.

We are Human Factors Research & Design

We are one of the finest Design Studios with a highly talented team specializing in helping create delightfully habit-forming products and solutions.

Solutions which are a harmonious interplay of interaction and function, pleasure and reason with joy of use for its users across a gamut of industries, governments and startups.

We have consistently been delivering successful and game changing products and solutions for our customers.

Human Centered Design

To create effective products, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the user, including their motivations and behaviors. This understanding forms the foundation for ideating and designing solutions that address their needs while providing a joyful experience.

Academy of Arts Design & Strategy

HFR&D is an exclusive UXQCC training provider and certification center in India, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

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Strategic Consultation

With over 14 years of experience HFR&D has created experiences across different industries, facing and solving challenges for a spectrum of users.

Resource Augmentation

We work as a part of your team to address and face challenges together with all our resources at your disposal.

Creating unique experiences for every industry

Everyday, HFR&D team is creating a marvel for its customers somewhere in the world.

Our Services

Working towards the success of our customer’s strategic vision and practical implementation of design.


Run the Design studios within organization and upskill teams to be certified in UX and Design as a certified professional, team or organization.

User Experience

Observe and understand user motivations to create delightfully habit forming solutions.

Proof of Concept

Creating harmonious interplays of interaction and function, pleasure and reason with joy of use for its users across a gamut of industries, governments and startups.


Joyful user experience considering every macro and micro interaction.

Innovation and
Trend Analysis.

Track and adapt to dominant social wavelength to create products are always trendsetters.

Academy of Arts, Design & Strategy

Empowering Creativity
Building Resilience
Increasing Strategic Intelligence

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Our Client’s

Tushar Deshmukh

Founder & CEO UX Expert, at UX/UI Testing Lab Pvt Ltd.

The training & Certification programs at HFR&D come with an incredible experience. HFR&D team’s knowledge, industry insights and mentorship are unmatched, there’s fantastic work relationships beyond professional engagement. Let's build more programs that reach out to many more people wanting to learn and build their skills with this partnership.

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